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Heavy Duty Slings


High-quality roundslings, Side Seam
made in accordance with EN 1492-2

WLL(work load limit):10 tons - 80 tons
EWL(effective work length): 1m to 10m

Make to order only! Delivery time: 6 - 17 days depending on size.


  • Markings: label with abbreviated instructions. Number of black stripes along the sling informs about the lifting capacity in tons.

  • The highest versatility of use among slings. 

  • Excellent ratio of dead weight to lifting load.

  • Can be used for lifting materials sensitive to damage, such as bundles of copper pipes, aluminum sections, etc.

  • High resistance to moisture and typical contaminants, such as grease and oil.

Material: 100% PES, single sleeve, high quality polyester yarn.
Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
Temperature range: -40°C up to +100°C

Standard: EN 1492-2

Note: Colour Coded


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