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Wire rope slings

wire sequrity ropes.JPG

Muvus Ltd. can offer wire rope slings.


We manufacture wire rope and slings according to EN standards and the customer’s wishes.

We offer customization options to meet specific project requirements.


Our employees have long-term experience in the industry and continue constantly learn to be able to provide customers with the most relevant and innovative solutions.

-Wire Rope slings for lifting works.

-Wire Rope slings for stage industry works.

-Cable Ties.

-Safety wire rope slings.

-Slings with socket terminals.

-Pressing with cylindrical ferrules.

-Pressing with conical ferrules.

-Engraved marking on ferrule.

-Labeling by a sticker (possible with a logo) protected by a transparent thermoplastic layer.

-Increased opening thimbles.

-Fused and tapered ends.

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