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Secure ropes for stage industry.jpg

Muvus Ltd. is offering a full range of security equipment for stages:

- Polyester Tubular round slings in BLACK colour in Basic and Premium versions.

- Softsteel rounds slings in same versions and colour

- 1 or 2 part system cargo lashings in Black colour

- Security wire slings in 1, 2 or 3mm (coated or non-coated)

- Chain blocks 250 kg or 500 kg in BLACK colour

- Lever hoists 250 kg or 500 kg in BLACK colour

- Beam clamps 1 ton or 2 tons in BLACK colour


- Black Bow Shackles

Sling is certified in Germany as to BGV/C1 requirements. WLL available 1 & 2 Ton. 

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